Poll: Which Alfa Romeo deserves the Oscar?

You have been chosen by the Oscar Committee to cast your vote for the Best Alfa Romeo in a Leading Role.  Continue reading

Poll: Which Spider would be your weekend fling?

We hope the previoust post and accompanying photo gallery inspired you to take out your Spider for a spin or start browsing eBay and the classifieds for one (or two).

Now we’re curious about your take on the Spiders.  Continue reading

Six Generations of Alfa Romeo Spiders

Roadsters deliver a thrill that everyone should experience at least once. Or rather, there was a time when that used to be true.  In that time not long ago, men were men, flying on a commercial airline was a graceful experience, and we, the motoring aficionados, would look for any excuse to take out the little roadster, put the top down, and just drive. Continue reading

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