The Monterey Historics: Glorious Man, Glorious Machines

August, 1988.

That was the first and only time I had traveled up to Monterey for the annual historic auto races. My friend Chris and I had just graduated from high school down in Coronado, and we were car crazy. Continue reading

8C by the Sea

We all have regrets in life.  Some are small, others not so much.  Some of us have that one major regret – that one Big Mistake which we wish we could go back in time and correct.  And it often involves love, lust, or both. Continue reading

Six Generations of Alfa Romeo Spiders

Roadsters deliver a thrill that everyone should experience at least once. Or rather, there was a time when that used to be true.  In that time not long ago, men were men, flying on a commercial airline was a graceful experience, and we, the motoring aficionados, would look for any excuse to take out the little roadster, put the top down, and just drive. Continue reading

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