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Video: Joe’s Alfa

Who says film is dead? Michael Foley shot entirely on 8mm this short film of a Duetto driving dreamily down a dusty road.  We love it! Continue reading

Top Gear’s Top 10 Alfa Concepts

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

The folks at Top Gear pick their favorite concept Alfas.  Do you agree? Check it out and tells us which is your favorite. Continue reading

8C by the Sea

We all have regrets in life.  Some are small, others not so much.  Some of us have that one major regret – that one Big Mistake which we wish we could go back in time and correct.  And it often involves love, lust, or both. Continue reading

We Head to Monterey for a Sensory Overload Weekend

This week the beautiful Monterey peninsula hosts a number of car events that no Alfista or any vintage automobile fan should miss.  Three spectacular concorso take place this weekend: Concorso Italiano and the motorsport gathering at the Quail Lodge both take place this Friday, followed by the world-famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday where some of the greatest and rarest of legendary autos with no-expenses-spared restorations are on display.  And if you get the itch and have the means to treat yourself to one of these machines, you’re in luck: you’ll have a few examples to bid on amongst the various high-end auctions there which are projected to gross $230Million in sales.

Continue reading

Stepnose to Heaven

Alfa Romeo GTAAnother quick jaunt up Stunt Road to the top of Malibu.

Click here for the photo gallery.

Poll: Which Spider would be your weekend fling?

We hope the previoust post and accompanying photo gallery inspired you to take out your Spider for a spin or start browsing eBay and the classifieds for one (or two).

Now we’re curious about your take on the Spiders.  Continue reading

Six Generations of Alfa Romeo Spiders

Roadsters deliver a thrill that everyone should experience at least once. Or rather, there was a time when that used to be true.  In that time not long ago, men were men, flying on a commercial airline was a graceful experience, and we, the motoring aficionados, would look for any excuse to take out the little roadster, put the top down, and just drive. Continue reading

Blazing Spicas

Blazing SpicasWe, the valiant Alfisti Fools, head out west where we stumble upon the Paramount Ranch, the setting of many duels, saloon fights, and tales of heroism.  All I can think of is “Telegram for Mongo!”.

Click here for the full Blazing Spicas photo gallery.


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