Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


All the clich├ęs are true. All that stuff about passion, soul, and the heart - it's all been said before and rightfully so.

James May would be many pounds sterling poorer if he were to review more Alfas.

What is it about Alfa Romeo?

Suffice to say that to understand that special appeal and that transcendent quality (ahem, soul) of Alfas, you need to experience them with all the senses. Alfas need to be touched, heard, smelled, beheld from all angles. But most of all, they need to be driven. I've met quite a few collectors of fine cars. Many collect garage queens. But all the Alfisti I have ever met, whether they own one Alfa or 90, all drive their Alfas on a regular basis. And that's the way it should be.

And it's in that spirit that we, a bunch of Alfisti fools, get together regularly to escape the mundane and stimulate our senses with all that is Alfa Romeo. We hope that these photos of our canyon drives, track events, rallies, and concours will awaken the Alfista in you, too.