Thankful Alfisti

Thanksgiving Alfisti Drive

Yesterday, on this very American tradition of Thanksgiving, we, a group of dedicated Alfisti fools, show our gratitude to all things Alfa by gathering in the early hours of the morning and gracing our local community by beautifying the streets with an awe-inspiring presence of Alfa Romeos.  In all, we were 17 Alfas of various vintages.  The sight of us occupying all three lanes of a boulevard as we made our way to the hills over Malibu was sure to make a lasting impression on any passerby.

Minutes later, in the single-lane twisties of the Malibu canyons covered with lush greenery, driving my Sprint Speciale in the middle of the colorful 17-Alfa pack, I am engulfed by a sense of gratitude as I think about a seemingly endless list of things for which I am thankful.  We Alfisti are a fortunate lot.

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