Concorso Italiano 2011

Adjacent to the legendary Laguna Seca race track near the town of Salinas, California, is the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch.  Once a year around mid-August, this golf course has the privilege of serving a much higher purpose than that of providing little holes for grown men wearing funny pants trying to fill said holes with dimpled balls. 

On this one special day, Italian machines from all over the country converge on these grounds for the Concorso Italiano, creating the ultimate candy store experience for those of us obsessed with cars of Italian heritage.  Although upon entering the grounds we were confronted with an endless sea of red Ferrari Testarossas (the 80’s variety, that is), we quickly skipped over to the more interesting sections featuring our beloved Alfa Romeos as well as unique barn-finds and rare models.

Conocoro Italiano Photo Gallery Part 1: The Alfa Romeo Collection

Consorso Italiano Photo Gallery Part 2: Other Interesting Cars








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