Poll: Which Alfa Romeo deserves the Oscar?

You have been chosen by the Oscar Committee to cast your vote for the Best Alfa Romeo in a Leading Role.  Your decision must be based on the performance of each Alfa Romeo in executing their role.  In other words, your vote should not be for your favorite Alfa Romeo model, rather it should be for the model that best captures the emotion and character of the role it has been cast to play.  Your task is not an easy one.  The Oscar Committe is counting on your professional opinion.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider in The Day of the Jackal


Alfa Romeo Montreal in The Marseille Contract


Alfa Romeo Duetto in The Graduate


Alfa Romeo 159 in Quantum of Solace


Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 in Fletch


Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale in Un Bellissimo Novembre


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