8C by the Sea

The drive up set the tone for the remainder of our trip, and in the days ahead we reveled in the natural beauty and flavors of Big Sur, Carmel, and Sonoma, while being thrilled by the sights, sounds and g-forces offered by the 8C.  All the crazy expectations I had created in my daydreams about this trip paled in comparison to the delicious reality of it.

This year, I wanted to repeat the experience, and planned a similar, but shorter trip.  Instead of Big Sur, this time we stayed in Carmel-by-the-Sea, a ridiculously charming town despite its somewhat tacky main street boasting galleries for “artists” like Thomas Kinkaid.  During this week of historic car events, all the town’s stores decorate with some kind of car theme, and around every corner you’re sure to find some rare vintage automobile.

I approached this year’s trip with much fewer expectations, and though we’ve done this trip before, the pleasures and marvels we experienced, both from the 8C and the trip as a whole, still exceeded those of previous trips.  But even the most enchanting hike in Big Sur, the beautiful white sandy beaches of Carmel, and the exhilarating moments in the 8C are all a distant second to the best part of this particular trip.  You see, I embarked on this trip with my girlfriend and returned home with my fiancée.


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