8C by the Sea

There were to be only 500 8C’s produced for the entire world with just 85 of them destined for the US.  And there I was, presented with the opportunity to order one.  I was all tingly, like a little schoolgirl being asked out for the first time.  I admit, however, that I didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity.  It was a major financial commitment, but after about 24 hours of agonizing over the decision, I pulled the trigger and placed the order.  You only live once.

It took about eight months for my 8C to finally arrive, and during that eternity I constantly scoured the interwebs for any piece of info, any video, or any piece of gossip on the 8C.  Not having ever owned an automobile of this caliber before, I had no idea what to expect, but I fantasized about what life with the 8C would be like.  I daydreamed about driving down my favorite roads in it.  I tried to imagine how it would behave on the track.  But what I mostly romanticized was driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur in the 8C with the girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  To me, this seemed like an adventure where everything would come together to create the perfect, most memorable experience: the sheer beauty of the rugged California coast that has been an inspiration to artists and dreamers, the high-speed curved highway tracing the coast, the twisty single-lane roads high above the cliffs approaching Big Sur, the jaw-dropping looks of the 8C and its furious power that devours the highways, and, of course, the girl that I love, sitting at my side, together sharing these delights of the senses.  There was only one problem.  My Big Mistake in life was in the way. I had foolishly broken up with her the previous year.

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