8C by the Sea

So who was I to talk to about one of these?  With no Alfa Romeo or Fiat dealerships in the US, I did the next best thing: I walked into my local Ferrari dealer and inquired about the 8C.  They had absolutely no information about it.  A couple of years passed, and Alfa Romeo was still promising to produce the 8C, and I continued to check in with the Ferrari dealer every once in a while.  Finally, one day when I dropped in, they had a list.  It wasn’t any sort of official order form; instead it looked more like a marketing survey gauging interest in the 8C.  I put my name down.

My tenacity paid off and in early 2008, I received the call from the Ferrari dealership informing me that they had a spot available for the upcoming Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

Some clever person at Alfa convinced management to divert marketing funds to engineering to make the 8C a reality.  What a brilliant move!  There’s no doubt that they gained much more publicity this way than anything the marketing department could have dreamed up.

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