VIDEO: Alfisti at the Track in Willow Springs

Back in October of 2011, our local Southern California gang of Alfisti showed up at Willow Springs Raceway for a weekend of friendly competition.  This being an Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club event, the hard-core Alfisti were present in style, racing in Alfa Romeos ranging from specially race prepared GTAs… Continue reading

Back at the Ranch


Alfa Romeo Corral at Paramount Ranch

On a warm summer day in March, we head back to Paramount Ranch for a Sunday corral.

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Thankful Alfisti

Thanksgiving Alfisti Drive

Yesterday, on this very American tradition of Thanksgiving, we, a group of dedicated Alfisti fools, show our gratitude to all things Alfa by gathering in the early hours of the morning and gracing our local community by beautifying the streets with an awe-inspiring presence of Alfa Romeos.  In all,… Continue reading

An Alfista in Toronto

David Minicucci’s story is a familiar one.  Except his love affair began at age 5.  Continue reading

Concorso Italiano 2011

Adjacent to the legendary Laguna Seca race track near the town of Salinas, California, is the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch.  Once a year around mid-August, this golf course has the privilege of serving a much higher purpose than that of providing little holes for grown men wearing funny pants trying to fill said holes with dimpled balls.  Continue reading

Study of a Graduate

What’s your favorite angle on a Spider? Reader Glen Kantziper sent us this beautiful photo essay on the exquisite details of his 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate. Continue reading

Sprint Speciale in Downtown LA

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale

A skyline of skyscrapers at sunset sets the stage for the sinuous steel sculpture that is the Sprint Speciale. Continue reading

Would you buy an Alfa Romeo SUV built by Jeep?

Rendering of an Alfa Romeo SUVThe Detroit News is reporting that Fiat “may shift planned production of Jeep and Alfa Romeo brand sport-utility vehicles from its oldest plant in Turin to North America and build a small city car at the factory instead.”

Continue reading

The Monterey Historics: Glorious Man, Glorious Machines

August, 1988.

That was the first and only time I had traveled up to Monterey for the annual historic auto races. My friend Chris and I had just graduated from high school down in Coronado, and we were car crazy. Continue reading

Late Summer in the Hamptons with a Duetto

I love Manhattan.  Yes, even in the sweltering heat of summer.  No other city bombards you with inspiring energy 24 hours a day like New York City does.  But sometimes you just need to get away.  Continue reading

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